How to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Space in Savannah

How to Winter-Proof Your Outdoor Space in Savannah

With the mild Savannah, Georgia winter coming up, you may not need to pack up your outdoor living area completely. It will get cold this winter season, you can always have a nice warm fire pit or outdoor area heater to keep cozy. When there is a little chill in the air, winter is an ideal time to head outside and curl up on your patio. Here are just a few ways to winter-proof your outdoor area.

Heat Source:
There are a number of different heat sources you can choose from, but by far the most popular option is a good, old-fashion fire. From a fire pit to an outdoor heater, the choice is yours. If you are looking to entertain year-round, look into fire pit designs. We also love designing and building an outdoor fireplace. These are more permanent builds for an outdoor area that allows for a fire year-round.

Another option is outdoor heaters. We recommend propane options. They allow for a consistent flow of heat while also adjustable on the spot. The options are nearly endless with the design and functionality for a heat source for your outdoor area this winter!

When hosting loved ones this holiday season, you’ve got to think about where people will gather most. Having a warm and inviting atmosphere will help everyone forget about the chill. Figure out what your area’s centerpiece is. Is it the fire pit, a table, or an outdoor kitchen area? Your seating area can definitely be the same that you have out in the warmer months, maybe bring a couple of extra blankets for your guests. And don’t forget to accent your outdoor furniture with warm colors!

This may be the perfect time to consider an outdoor kitchen area and who doesn’t want a television out on the patio? An outdoor kitchen area will be the focal point of your home for years to come and entertaining guests come so easily. If you are looking to add an outdoor fireplace and it’s in a covered area, adding the latest tech is a no-brainer.

We know, the Savannah, Georgia area isn’t exactly prone to winter weather (one of its many attractive features). Still, with plenty of lounge chairs gathered around the fire pit, your patio or outdoor living space will make everyone excited for a chilly evening.

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