What’s the Best Kitchen Countertop Material: Corian, Quartz or Granite?

One of the first features someone notices in your kitchen is your countertops. There are a lot of factors to consider beyond appearance when it comes to purchasing new countertops. Things you need to take into consideration are kitchen-use, design-style and preferences.

Quartz, Granite, concrete and Corian can be transformed into a range of countertop options. Where the different materials differentiate is in their functionality and style.

The Pros of Corian:

1. Corian is made from an advanced mixture of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymers. Corian the way to go if you are looking for a seamless countertop design because it can be installed with no visible seams.

2. Corian is durable but also repairable! Because this option is man-made it does not require mining to produce.

Pros of Granite:

1. Granite is a very popular countertop option because of it’s organic style and color. As a natural stone each slab of granite is different and it’s own work of art.

2.Granite is a very durable choice; however, it can be prone to cracks, fissures or stains. Granite also requires regular sealing to maintain.

3. Granite is the least expensive option of the three.

Pros of Concrete: 

1. Concrete countertops are a great way to customize your kitchen. They are made to fit your space and aesthetic. 

2. Concrete is available in a variety of colors so there is an option to fit your space perfectly

3. Concrete has a nice soft texture that can add a natural feel to your space

4. Concrete counters can wear but will wear well over the years. They can also be used indoors or outdoors.

Pros of Quartz:

1.Quartz is known for its playful colors and varieties. Quartz is a great option for if you are looking to go green as it is made from recycled materials.

2.Quartz is extremely durable and almost indestructible. It does not require any type of sealant.

There are a lot of options when it comes to kitchen countertops. Granite, Quartz and Corian are the three most popular options; however, there are more. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen call Trademark Remodeling to find out which kitchen countertops are best for your life-style and cooking needs!